Perch Lake Bass Challenge Rules

  1. Competitors will be disqualified if in violation of any of the following rules

  2. 2 people per boat and both anglers must hold a valid Ontario fishing License.

  3. Safety, Fish and Wildlife regulations are in effect.

  4. Only Manufactured baits and artificial lures may be used. No live or dead bait

  5. The tournament president will start off boats. Use caution when leaving beach or around other boats. Not all boats on the lake are for the tournament and deserve our respect.

  6. It is the responsibility of the anglers to hand in completed entry forms. Every team must sign out at the end of the day. Failing to due either will result in disqualification.

  7. All boats must stay 25 yards apart after the start.

  8. A max of 5 fish per team. All teams must start the day with no fish and can only have a max of 5 fish in the boat at any time. Culling is allowed.

  9. The teams must only fish Perch, Chub, Banning, Calm, and Little McCauley. No going past the mouth of the river.

  10. The team driver must have a Pleasure Craft boater’s card.

  11. All teams must have a paddle and life jackets. Life jackets must be worn while traveling from one location to another in step.

  12. Fish must be kept in working live wells. Live wells can be man made with cooler and bilge pump and aerator.

  13. All boats must be inspected before start. Inspections will start at 8:30 am.

  14. Any fish checked at beach that is dead or not able to swim away, the team will be docked .25-pound penalty. Fish that die after team weigh-in will not be docked a penalty.

  15. All garbage is to be kept in the boat and is the responsibility of the boat owner.

  16. Teams are responsible for their personal property and safety.

  17. Tournament fishing hours are 9:00 am to 3:30pm.

  18. There will be three flights of ten. Flight one will leave at 9:00AM, flight 2 at 9:01AM and flight 3 at 9:02AM. Flights will be decided by hat draw.

  19. All boats must be back to Homer’s beach by 3:30pm.

  20. All weights called by weigh mistress shall be deemed accurate and non-contestable. One team member must be present to sign the weigh-in report to insure there weight is correct. Once the team member has signed the weigh-in report the weight is deemed official.

  21. Tournament prefishing will be allowed until dark of the night before the tournament.

  22. Team numbers will be assigned to all teams. The number must be affixed to the right side of the motor and clearly visible.

  23. At no time after the start can a team come to shore other then to Homer’s beach. The exception to this rule is lightning. All boats must come off the water in the event of lightning.

  24. No rafting up of boats and no two boats can pass anything to and from each boat. The only way any two boats can contact are in the event of a break down and one boat can not make it back to Homer’s beach on there own power.

  25. No refueling on shore. Refueling must be done prior to making it Homer’s beach.

  26. All teams must have one team member over 16 years of age. Some exceptions may be made based on Anglers boating experience. Decisions made by president only. Any angler under 18 must parents consent.

  27. All PLBC committee members are eligible to hold a spot in the PLBC as long as they are active and current committee members. They do not need to be added to the waiting list and they do not bump out any other active spots. If they hold an active spot currently they will keep that spot as to such time as they can not fish in a given year. That spot will then be opened up to the waiting list. If they chose to fish in future years and still hold an active committee member spot they will be added to the bottom of the flight as a new spot.

  28. Only the weigh mistress can make the final decision in regards to a tie, which will be resolved by cutting cards. Low card wins.

  29. Spotters, MNR and Police are authorized to board any boat at any time. Fishermen must raise there fishing lines if requested.

  30. All times are tournament president times. Watches will be set by tournament president clock the morning of the tournament.

  31. The use of under water cameras is prohibited during tournament hours.

  32. The entry fee will not be refunded after July 31. Exceptional circumstances to be decided by the executive.

  33. The tournament executive retains the right to change or amend the rules at their discretion without prior notification. Final rules will be supplied Sunday before the tournament.

  34.  No alcohol during tournament hours.

  35.  Decisions by the tournament executive are final and not subject to appeal.

  36. Have Fun