2017 Perch Lake Bass Challenge Angler List

One spot has opened up for 2017. I am currently waiting for an answer from the next on the waiting list.

Any Documents can be sent to the follwing.

Mary Homer at 126 Sykes Street, Atikokan, Ontario
Mail to:
John Homer
1100 Victoria Ave. N
Fort Frances, Ontario
P9A 2E7

2017 Angler List

  1. Corey Langner and Jonathan Wynn
  2. Gary and Julia Sportak
  3. Lorraine Calder and Joe Duhammal
  4. Laverne Haney and Greg Sampson
  5. Bob Homer and Isacc Slater
  6. Shawn and Jaida Anderson
  7. Jason and Cole Mattson
  8. Joan Snider and Trisha Fredrickson
  9. Aaron Wiens and Joe Anthony
  10. Nick Nelson and Alexis Matichuk
  11. Jeremy Veran and Guy Legarrie
  12. Brad and Parker Sampson
  13. Waiting list spot to be announced
  14. Joe and Nicole Halasz
  15. Darryl and Coralyn Warkentin
  16. Darwin and Sydney King
  17. Neil Leather and Chris Morden
  18. Herb Roehrig and Sandra Fillion
  19. Cindy Veran and Chris Bassinet
  20. Sammy Mcquay (ABC Spot)
  21. Steven Bryk and Arla Smitsnuk
  22. Eli Anderson and Nick Vescio
  23. Tyler Blair and Jamie Campanolo
  24. Jon and Dave Evans
  25. Brad Gascoigne and Grant Legarrie
  26. Wyatt Branch & Dalton Alexander
  27. David and Laura Homer
  28. Ben and Carolyn Anderson
  29. Brian Prozak and Joanne Johnston
  30. Brian and Audrey Gouliquer
  31. Shane Manfford and Pete Politis
  32. John Homer and Cindy Homer
  33. Jenny and Todd Zacharias
  34. Wade and Steve Bates
  35. Donna Mallard and Mike Baxter

Waiting List

  1. Josh Beyak
  2. Kyle Monkman
  3. Jeff Palmai
  4. Steve Pfeifer
  5. Terese Gouliquer
  6. Jay Helkie
  7. Richard Brochu
  8. Byron Holbik
  9. Dave LeBlanc
  10. Myron Williams
  11. Penny Brigham
  12. Braden Homer
  13. Jim Ferguson
  14. Mike Krassey
  15. Chad Canfield
  16. Richard Spillchuk
  17. Michelle Alexiuk
  18. Nicole Halasz
  19. Greg Alexander
  20. Natalie Urbanowicz-Arnone
  21. Jason Dragan
  22. Doug Dunnet
  23. Trevor Mcquay
  24. Jason Guerts
  25. Jase Marusyk


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